The Village Square: RVillagers Share The Best Places to Wash Your Rig

Sep 13, 2022 | The Village Square

The Village Square: RVillagers Share The Best Places to Wash Your Rig

In this edition of The Village Square, RVillagers share how and where they scrub down their RVs.

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Welcome to The Village Square, the series that answers common RVing questions with tips, tricks, and camping hacks from RVillage community members just like you.

Camping in your RV comes with a lot of amazing perks, like exploring new places, scenic views, meeting new people, and scrubbing down your rig at the end of a long adventure—wait, what? If you’re like most RV owners, cleaning your RV can be a bit of a burden, especially if you’re traveling in a larger rig. Although a necessary part of owning an RV, it can be timely, tiresome, and downright difficult to get your RV clean from rooftop to tires. 

While some rig owners opt for putting in the work themselves, others rely on truck washes and cleaning services. Here are the best places and methods for scrubbing down your RV according to RVillagers.

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RVillagers Share Their Favorite Places to Wash Their Rigs

Blue Beacon Truck Wash, or in a nice rain if it’s really dirty. Hubby will get out there and help the rain clean. —Full Time RV Dream

We usually do it ourselves, we have sprayers. We’ve tried a truck wash and found the soap to be too harsh.  —Becca R.

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Some campgrounds allow you to wash it there free of charge or for a small fee. If you’re in the Southwest or Texas, there are multiple companies that come to you and wash your rig—and will even wax it if you’d like. —Jeff & Steff’s Excellent Adventure

We tried going to one of those self-wash places, but the roof wasn’t high enough. Our storage lot allowed us to wash it there. —Aguirres’ Adventures

We use baby shampoo and a garden hose. —Deanna M. 

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I usually use a pressure washer, but you want to be careful doing this. The pressure can be a bit much. I have a small electric one and a fairly wide-degree tip, and I never get super close to the surface of my RV. —Andrew W.

Find a Blue Beacon at a local truck stop. You won’t regret it. —Bob P.

I use my ladder, my bucket, my pole brush, my hose, my soap suds, and my elbow grease. —Robert M. 

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We take ours to a do-it-yourself truck wash. —Consuelo B.

We use a truck stop that washes it for you. For our truck and 42-foot trailer, it costs $40. —Ashley S. 

We hired a company to come out to our house and wash ours. —Beth J. 

We use waterless wash and wax spray. —Dorothy B.

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