The Village Square: RVillagers Share Their Tips for RVing With Pets

Aug 2, 2022 | The Village Square

The Village Square: RVillagers Share Their Tips for RVing With Pets

In this edition of The Village Square, RVillagers share their top tips and advice for those traveling with pets.

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Welcome to The Village Square, the series that answers common RVing questions with tips, tricks, and camping hacks from RVillage community members just like you. 

One of the many joys of RVing is being able to take your furry friends along; however, RVing with your pets can also come with its own set of challenges. Here, real RVers share their tips and tricks for keeping an eye on Fido when you’re out exploring, the best pet gear, and more. 

RVillagers Share Their Best Advice for RVing With Pets

We use rechargeable beanie headlamps. Frees up your hands for leashes, etc. There’s just enough light, and it’s not overpowering. We also carry a focusing flashlight for seeing what’s behind those glowing eyes in the woods.—B. D.

A no-spill water bowl is perfect for RVing. It helps prevent the water from sloshing out when you’re driving and as a bonus it keeps drool puddles from the water bowl to a minimum. —Morgan C.H.

Automatic feeders. We don’t have to be there for the pets to get their food on time. —BigD2

If you have fur babies who shed, travel with small handheld portable cordless vacuums. We take 10 to 15 minutes when we wake up to quickly buzz the RV for loose fur so that cleaning is manageable.—Becca R.

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Microchip all of your pets so if they get lost, they most likely will be found.—B. D.

Carry plenty of water—we put the dogs’ water bowl in the shower to eliminate spills. We also have a second water bowl for the outside. They also love their outside fan to keep cool and keep the bugs away from their faces.—Ghost Travelers

Make sure you have a pet and human first-aid kit of some kind. I have ours in a Ziploc bag stored in my hiking backpack.—B. D.

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I have two exercise pens I put together and a screen room. I covered the pens because one of my dogs barks at everything she sees. With multiple dogs, there’s too much tangling if they’re tied out, so the pen works better.—AmoAmarone

As a trainer, dog owner, and full-time RVer here are my tips: Stop in dog parks when appropriate, look for dogs that your dog likes in your RV park and see if they want to play in the pet area together. Take long walks in the morning and afternoon. Find RV parks that back up to open space so you can off-leash hike. Try biking with your dog so that she can run next to it. Bottom line, take your dog every place that you can so she gets exercise and stimulation … Mix up your days, one day walk for an hour in the RV park, next day go on a hike, and so on. They need variety just like we do.—Tails from the Road – Juliet W.

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I have three small dogs. While driving, they wear harnesses and are tethered, so they don’t fly at sudden stops or get out when the door is open.—AmoAmarone

Make sure to carry recent copies of veterinary records, including vaccinations, treatments, and prescriptions if your pets need regular medications.—Roberta C.

Ring cameras are wonderful for viewing your pets while away and they read the temperature to let you know if the RV is getting too hot. An internet connection is required though.—Jorge Sophia Enrique Vader and Their Humans

Thank you RVillagers for sharing your pet travel tips with the RVing community. If you want to see your advice featured on “The Village Square,” be sure to share your favorite RVing hacks, tips, and tricks with the community, and keep an eye out for questions from RVillage Camp Hosts. 

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