The Village Square: RVillagers Share Their Tips for Traveling on a Budget

Aug 16, 2022 | The Village Square

The Village Square: RVillagers Share Their Tips for Traveling on a Budget

In this edition of The Village Square, RVillagers share their top tips and advice for saving money on the road.

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Welcome to The Village Square, the series that answers common RVing questions with tips, tricks, and camping hacks from RVillage community members just like you.

Compared to flight prices and hotels, RVing can be a relatively inexpensive form of travel, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it’s always cheap. Between gas prices, campground fees, and food costs, some campers are seeking ways to save money before they hit the road this year. Here, RVillage community members share a few of their favorite cost-savings tips for campers looking to tighten up their budgets.

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RVillagers Share Their Best Advice for Saving Money on the Road

Stay at Army Corps of Engineers (COE) campgrounds. They’re quite reasonable, and if you’re a senior, you can purchase an America the Beautiful senior pass from the National Park Service (NPS). It gets you into the COE and NPS campgrounds for half the price. —Edward S.

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We use our Costco membership card (for gas) and get the rebate at the end of the year. —Sandy H.

Get an EFS (Electronic Funds Source) fuel card to save up to 50 cents per gallon of diesel. —Jon C.

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You can volunteer (to work or host) at some RV parks, and pay nothing for staying there. —Elaine M.

A KOA membership gets you 10 percent off of every stay and you accumulate points for free stays. —Jacque M.

Booking ahead and longer stays will help keep you on budget. —Karen L.

Passport America pays for itself on the first stay. We also have America the Beautiful pass and it saves us a lot. Both are worth the small investment. —Marge L.

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Boondocking always saves money. —Tyler C.

Best app I found was Campendium. You enter the city, then price range. There are so many free sites that are just amazing. —Dawn J.

We pretty much bring everything we need for food from home. We pre-cook some things and hardly ever eat out. I prefer to cook. It’s so much better than overpriced restaurants. —Iris B.

Thank you RVillagers for sharing your money-saving travel tips with the RVing community. If you want to see your advice featured on “The Village Square,” be sure to share your favorite RVing hacks, tips, and tricks with the community, and keep an eye out for questions from RVillage Camp Hosts. 

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