The RVillage Guide to RV Organization and Storage Hacks

Jun 30, 2022 | RVillage Guides

The RVillage Guide to RV Organization and Storage Hacks

Keep your RV neat and organized with these tips from a professional organizer.

By Stephanie Deininger

For RVers, one of the best feelings in the world is to arrive at the campsite, set up camp, and start enjoying a new destination. The last thing you want to worry about is having to look for something when you need it and not being able to find it. This is where RV organizing and storage hacks come in handy.  

These organizing tips will help reduce clutter and give you inspiration for new ways to organize your RV.

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Set Yourself Up for Success

One of the simplest ways to save time and effort while camping is preparing meals ahead of time. This can be anything from cutting up vegetables to pre-cooking meals, so all you have to do is heat it up at the campground. 

It’s also helpful to create a packing list that you can check off a few days before a trip. That way you won’t forget something essential, or be left to scramble the day before you leave.


Don’t be afraid to remove cabinet doors and replace them with something else that will hold items in the cupboard. Why? Sometimes the space that an open door takes up gets in the way. If you’re constantly having to dodge a door, get rid of it and replace it with tension rods and a curtain.

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Room doors are great places to hang hooks from, either over the door or by using light double-sided tape. You can also use a hanging laundry hamper to hold dirty clothes or store light toys to keep them off the floor.

On the Move

Use double-sided, heavy-duty tape or museum gel to hold items in place while in transit. You can use it to stabilize decorations and items in a drawer that you don’t want moving around.

Get Vertical

Maximize your RV space by using your vertical space. Place removable hooks on the wall to hold towels, hats, and keys. You can also use Velcro or magnets to hold down remotes and other commonly-used items that tend to get lost. 

The Black Storage Hole

Utilize deep storage spaces—like under your RV bed or inside your pantry cupboards—to the fullest by using bins with wheels, or install a track so you can slide bins in and out. Label the front of a deep closet or cabinet area to help you remember what’s back there. 

RV Equipment

Use a large, heavy-duty bag to easily store RV equipment like hoses and cables. You can go as simple as a large plastic bag to a custom carrying bag that’s meant for that specific gear.

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Food Storage

Sealed, stackable containers can help you avoid both critters and messes from your RV in motion. Place a magnet strip in your kitchen storage to keep your utensils in place at all times.  


Organize outfits by activity or weather type so you always have the items you need ready to go. Use packing cubes or bags with labels such as Rain, Hot Weather, or Hiking.

Simple Solutions

Caddies are a must in an RV to stay organized. Use them for the shower, the pool, to carry kitchen items outside, and so on. Each family member should have their own caddy, including pets.


In smaller spaces like an RV, it’s important to really think about the use of each item. Don’t overcomplicate it, just make sure that every item has a purpose—bonus points if it’s multi-use. 

Empty storage bins can be used as tables. Tension rods with S-shaped hooks can be used to hang things. Collapsible items like buckets, kitchen bowls, and cups make for easy storage.    

Keep It Clear

Keep the countertops and surfaces in your RV clear from clutter as much as possible. It’s a simple tip that makes a huge impact. Also try to keep your floors clear. Wall-mounted shoe holders or nets make it easier to keep things off the floor and out of the way. 

On the Outside

Place hooks on the outside of your RV to hold things like brooms and towels for easy access. A small tent outside of your RV is a great way to keep outdoor items dry and clean but not stored inside your RV. 

The most important thing about organizing your RV is that whatever tips, tools, or systems you use should enhance your life. Work with the natural way that you like to RV and don’t try to force an organizing tip that doesn’t feel good. Happy organizing!

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