The Village Square: RVillagers Share Their Best Winterization Tips

Oct 4, 2022 | The Village Square

The Village Square: RVillagers Share Their Best Winterization Tips

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Temperatures are dropping, leaves are changing, and football season is in full swing—and for some RV owners, that means camping season is unfortunately coming to a close. If you’re not heading south, chances are you’re preparing your RV for winterization and storage. While some opt to have their rig winterized by a professional, others embark on this journey on their own. 

From keeping critters away to blowing out your lines, here are a few winterization tips and tricks from fellow RVillagers.

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RVillagers Share Their Favorite Winterization Tips and Tricks

I remove all bedding, towels, food, toiletries, medications, clothes, and shoes. I put Irish Spring soap in small pans throughout the trailer to keep critters out, they don’t like the smell. —Linda F.

I blow the lines out with a compressor, drain the hot water heater, drain my tanks, and add 2 gallons of RV antifreeze to my freshwater tank. —Rick G.

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Let the dealer winterize it. —Toby H.

Bales of straw make great windbreaks around your rig. Cover them with plastic and it will help insulate your RV —Ron M.

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Check underneath and everywhere on the outside of your RV for openings that mice could enter, and fill every gap you can. —Beth E.

Only use RV-specific antifreeze. —Mark J.

For us, “winterizing” means putting on the skirting, using the heated hose, and insulating everything we can. —Jim D.

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We take out perishables and anything that could freeze and be ruined or explode. —Rich W.

Don’t forget to prop open the fridge and freezer a bit. —Terry M.

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I use dryer sheets (to deter mice) and empty everything. I left bedding and towels in my travel trailer last year and had stink bugs in everything. —Ronni Z.

Make sure your roof is sound and leak-free before storing. —Cathy V.

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