The Village Square: RVillagers Share Their RV Internet and WiFi Tips

Jan 17, 2023 | The Village Square

The Village Square: RVillagers Share Their RV Internet and WiFi Tips

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For some, camping is a time to disconnect from the outside world—leaving work emails, social media, and television behind. For others, staying connected in the great outdoors is essential for work, communicating with loved ones, or accomplishing everyday tasks, which means that having a reliable WiFi connection is necessary when traveling. While there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for RV connectivity, there are a few things you can do to enhance the internet connection in your camper.

From cell phone hotspots to satellite internet plans, here’s how the RVillage community is staying connected out on the road.

RVillagers Share Their Best WiFi and RV Internet Tips

Terry S.

We have been using a Verizon Jetpack as a (mobile internet) hotspot as full-timers for more than 5 years. There are only two spots in very remote areas of Washington where we couldn’t get internet.

Scott P.

We have a cellular antenna from WeBoost that has most often made mobile internet service and WiFi through our cell phone hotspots work pretty well. We also maintain diversity by having AT&T on our phones, T-Mobile for my iPad, and Verizon for a hotspot in my office. If all that fails, I use a SkyRoam device on a daily pay-per-use plan that uses the best signal available.

Cherri O.

Buy an RV Starlink plan (not the residential version). We don’t use park WiFi as it’s unreliable and has no security. We use our Starlink, even when in RV parks. It’s awesome when boondocking, even in the middle of nowhere.

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Elizabeth S.

We have multiple hotspots through various cell providers for our phones, as well as a dedicated Netgear Nighthawk mobile router hotspot device.

Mary H.

We use the WiFiRanger mobile WiFi router and have had great success with it

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Curt N.

I use a Rogue Wave WiFi extender, but my connection depends on the RV park’s WiFi capabilities.

Jerry P.

If the campground WiFi is lousy, all a booster does is get you a great connection to lousy WiFi. A dedicated cell phone hotspot, like a Verizon Jetpack, is better than using your phone’s hotspot.

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Larry O.

If anyone tells you to “buy this” or “buy that” without asking follow-up questions, then take their advice with a grain of salt. What works great for me might be terrible for you, and vice versa. If internet access is important to you, you’ll want to have a plan and a plan B (maybe even a plan C and D). Nothing works all of the time, and nothing works everywhere. Campground WiFi is notoriously awful, so don’t rely on it.

Randy O.

We use a T-Mobile and Verizon hotspot device. Our truck has AT&T as a backup. We will consider Starlink when it becomes more widely available for mobile use.

Vincent S.

After much research, I went with TravlFi. It has good reception and fairly good prices.

Michael W.

Until Starlink is mobile and more widely available, cellular-based plans are the only real option. We use a combination of AT&T, T-Mobile, and Verizon, along with a WeBoost Drive-X RV cell booster to have internet almost everywhere.

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Marchell P.

We got the Family Motor Coach Association’s (FMCA) Tech Connect. It is a T-Mobile hotspot billed through FMCA. It’s $50 a month for the unlimited data plan. We also have an AT&T SIM card on an unlimited plan with Winegard.

Matt H.

We use Nomad Internet. We have the Red plan and have always had coverage.

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Ann B.

I use SkyRoam; it’s satellite WiFi so it pretty much works in most places, and I don’t have to depend on having a signal. It works around the world too if you travel.

Caroline H.

We travel full-time and got Starlink a couple of months ago. It has been a game-changer for us.

Thank you RVillagers for sharing how you stay connected on the road with the RVing community. If you want to see your advice featured on “The Village Square,” be sure to share your favorite RVing hacks, tips, and tricks with the community, and keep an eye out for questions from RVillage Camp Hosts.

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